Only 30 percent of Germans speak openly about sex or are prepared to try something new. For many people sex is a taboo subject. Why? It is the most beautiful and natural matter in the world! Women especially find it difficult to speak with their partner about their own sexual desires. A fulfilled sexuality is just as important for physical well-being as is emotional satisfaction and a happy partnership. Therefore, FUN FACTORY, one of the largest manufacturers of aesthetically pleasing and stylish silicone love toys made in Europe, started the campaign full on LOVE to bring the focus back to sexual and emotional fulfillment.
With this campaign we want to encourage adult women and couples to listen to their own desires, to discover themselves and to enjoy! Women especially should expect more sensually by experiencing more of their sexuality and satisfying their desire with pleasure. Only those who are in harmony with themselves and their needs can openly relate with their peers and feel healthier in a very natural way.


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