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Pressure to do well at work, always reachable by phone or on-line, hectic consumption and crowded streets rob everyone of energy. And friends and family don’t want to be neglected either. Regular sports or exercise and a balanced diet should help alleviate the effects of a stressful day, but does this really work? In reality, it often doesn’t. So our performance-oriented society is often sprinkled with catch-words like “work-life balance” and “burn-out”, while a stream of lifestyle and wellness offers for a few euros are recommended for a quick fix.

Yet, what’s good for you is so close! To be truly happy, to exude this satisfaction, to draw on your energy and to save yourself from the everyday stresses it is absolutely necessary to know yourself. Only those who really know themselves and discover their preferences and needs give off a more self-confident, attractive and balanced glow. Sexuality, more than any other aspect in your life, needs this knowledge to be fulfilling. Even though unfortunately there is not ONE sex recipe that works for everyone – we are all individuals – it has been scientifically proven that your sex life, and understanding your body has positive effects on your body and your mental well-being. It always pays off to delve deeper into yourself, to try new things and to take time for yourself and your partner.

I am full on LOVE, …
… because a confident, self-determined and natural approach to sexuality is good for everyone.

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