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“A kiss is the heart’s volcano.“
Christian Friedrich Hebbel (1813 – 1863), German playwright and poet

A beautiful quote. It sums up the meaning of the kiss in a few telling words. And that meaning is big enough that there is an official kiss day celebrated on July 6.
It is perhaps the most intimate exchange you can make with another person. But some may say wait, it’s not sex! But I disagree.

During a long, intimate French kiss you are very close, exchange body fluids and taste, and it is often considered the ultimate foreplay to sex.

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Clement, a couples therapist and sexual researcher calls the erotic kiss the “Overture“. Just like in the opera, it introduces the subject that will carry on throughout the story. Especially for couples who don’t know each other well yet, the kiss will be that decisive influence that changes the turns of events, for the evening, for the entire relationship. A pair touch each other, come closer, and feel the desire that floats in the air. Finally it’s here, the lips part and you can hardly wait while passionately kissing to rip the clothes off…and then the kiss is a bit of a disappointment. Maybe he’s a bad kisser, maybe you aren’t in tune with each other. It doesn’t matter. The fact is – lust can disappear just as quickly as it overtakes you. A study of existing couples shows that the frequency of kisses has a direct correlation to how satisfied the couple is in their relationship.

A kiss has many meanings. An evolutionary one if you accept that it is a derivation of when a mother bird placed chewed food in its baby’s mouth. A symbolic one if we consider that even the pope is honored by getting down on one’s knees and kissing his hand. A historical one if one considers the historic fraternal kiss between Erich Honecker and Leonard Brezhnev. Hollywood can’t forget the kiss between Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh alias Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara in “Gone with the Wind.“ The marketing industry frequently draws on the power of the kiss. Recently the viral hit from the American fashion label Wren (link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFO9Sna_eKc) demonstrated the power of the kiss. It’s no wonder that since 1990 the kiss has been awarded a special day around the world. More than anything else the kiss is an expression of physical attraction, of love, of desire and passion, of trust and well-being. Of full on LOVE. A kiss is not just a kiss…

I am full on LOVE, …
…because there is nothing so heady as love and sexuality, so truly honest, real, thrilling and indispensable. Sara.

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