11. September 2014 Dr. Verena Breitenbach


Dr.Verena Breitenbach, Gynäkologin und full on LOVE Expertin

I am frequently asked in my office how women reach orgasms and how this very pleasurable climax of desire actually comes about. From a medical standpoint the orgasm is a refined interplay of physical and mental processes resulting in a sensation that almost feels like being inebriated.
Many processes of the body can be explained in medical terms, but particularly the fine interplay of hormones, second messengers and the nervous system is still uncharted territory. My years of experience as a gynecologist have shown me that many women don’t know exactly what’s going on in their bodies and what exactly gives us these heady, passionate moments.

From a medical standpoint, sexual arousal can be divided into four phases. First, and relatively quickly, is the “Arousal Phase”, which gets your heart and pulse racing, alerting all of your senses. Women feel a swelling of their entire genital area, the clitoris, the labia and the breasts. This comes from an increase of the blood flow to these areas.

During the so-called “Plateau Phase“ in response to these signals, a build-up of bodily fluids occurs which makes penetration easier. The hormone endorphin is released, reducing the function of certain brain areas. This particularly helps women to let themselves go and leave behind everyday stress. Women enjoy this phase a lot and generally longer than men, who come to climax more quickly.
Also the amount of adrenaline in the blood jumps. Muscles contract and the body is fully electrified by desire. Since the start of the first phase – arousal – the hypothalamus (important control center of the nervous system) is heavily activated.

The “Moment of Climax” occurs when all stored up energy is released like during a lightning storm, during which muscles, pelvic floor and uterus pull together 3 to fifteen times. The activated hypothalamus releases oxytocin during the orgasm which endows us with a pleasant feeling of headiness and fulfillment.
In the “Final Phase” the muscles retract again and the hormone serotonin is released which creates a pleasant feeling after sex and allows for the couple to relax. Next time enjoy the thrilling, intense path to a personal climax even more!

Ich bin full on LOVE, …
… because sexuality is very beautiful, fulfilling, healthy and relaxing when we really enjoy and through misplaced shame aboard.
Dr. Verena Breitenbach

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