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After her studies at the University of Bremen, tantra masseuse Anna Gönna Pezely worked in many projects she organized for children and young adults, including the Girls‘ House in Bremen. During this time, giving massages was a favorite hobby. In May 2000, she founded the Namyo Massage practice in Bremen. Since 2013, she organizes trips focusing on massages to places ranging from Greenland to Morocco.

Gönna, you have been studying massage techniques for years. What exactly do you offer in your massage practice?
I specialized in tantra massage rituals for women, men and couples, and also offer TAO massage training for couples.

What exactly is tantra? What kinds of varieties are there?
Tantra is originally a traditional Buddhist teaching and practice. It is still practiced today in local cloisters by monks and nuns as part of meditation and mental training.

Because it honors all aspects of life as a divine expression, the Indian teacher also quotes from it frequently, introducing it to many Western students. The technique for the tantra massage was based on these teachings and first started about 18 years ago by Andro a masseuse and Zen monk in Berlin and has been continuously developed since then. So it is in fact a German invention, which is slowly spreading through the Western world. The essence of the massage ritual derives from the loving appreciation and touching of the entire body with all its senses.
In the relaxation massage, all intimate areas of the body are included. Here the focus is not so much about sexual relaxation but more the experience of completely giving in to the enormous potential for desire in the entire body and harnessing this elementary power.

How did you get interested in the topic of spirituality?
Even as a school kid, I was looking for answers to the important questions of life. Who are we? Why does so much happen that we don’t understand? What is the point of life? What is my role? Do I have a calling?
So when I was 17 I already began attending psychology seminars and over the years went deeper into areas of mysticism and the essence of the bigger religions. So I consciously decided to take a Buddhist ethical approach as the basis for my actions. During many truly wonderful retreats organized by the Vietnamese monk Thich Nhat Han and his partner Chang Kong in Germany, I became their student. I also had the good fortune to meet the Dalai Lhama the spiritual leader of the Tibetan, Tantric Buddhism and learn a great deal from him.

And how did you get interested in Tantra?
Tantra is one of many spiritual practices defined by feminine attributes. It doesn’t differentiate between “good”, for example asceticism, spirit, or hierarchy in contrast to “bad” for example sensuality, physicality or from a cyclical way of thinking.
I discovered tantra massage almost by accident but I immediately began to practice because the time was “right”. A co-worker let me help out in her practice because she knew that I could massage well. But up until this point I had never given a tantra massage, but I felt right at home with it. It was almost as if I had been preparing inside all along for this calling and after 19 years of training and schooling in massage techniques that tantra massage almost found me. Up until then I only gave massages “on the side”, and then I was prepared to totally take the responsibility for my abilities and to become a help to people in this area or just accompany them on their journey. I understand that this idea of being there for someone is difficult to understand, because that sense of being there for someone isn’t familiar to everyone. But exactly this being there for someone is the most basic part of helping someone and what transforms the person, because it is so seldom! To be in the sense that Erich Fromm must have meant when he wrote about the difference between having and being.

What is the particular attraction of a tantra massage?
A good tantra massage is a “body-worship ritual” and lasts at least 1.5 hours. All senses are activated and the entire body is guided into a relaxed state. If energy blocks can be released, then sensual touching on the body can be experienced with more intensity and pleasure. The intimate areas are also included but without the focus of strong arousal and then release. To be able to open yourself and place your trust in intimate massage contrasts strongly with our goal and success oriented lifestyle. A tantra massage allows for a new experience of closeness and to feel grounded in the entire body and also to feel relaxation, closeness and ecstasy.

What can you hope to experience from Tantra?
Regular tantra massages over a long period of time are a wonderful process via the body to reach and in contact with another person to go deeper into silence, joy, gratitude, passion, healing, trust and overall a greater trust in life and thereby reach a greater sense of calling in life.

What do many people experience once they have come into contact with tantra?

At first they are amazed and happy about all they can experience with their body and want to learn more about this path. When couples experience this together, at the end they are usually more relaxed, more open, more trusty and loving with one another. They experience then a completely different connection which I call a communication of the heart. Desires and sometime doubts and fears can be expressed much more easily and paths to solutions can be developed together.

What are the most important requirements when you enter the world of tantra for the first time with your partner?

The most important thing is an open, heedful with honest communication and lots of respect for divine nature in the presence of your partner. And lots of time and patience!!!

How should those new to Tantra approach it?
There are many wonderful books and serious tantra massage practices which support each other via a tantra massage organization. They frequently have regular informational sessions or evenings about tantra, spirituality and sexuality. I also offer in my practice meetings every month.

Many studios offer tantra massages? What should I look out for?
Listen to your intuition!
From the description on the website of a massage practice you can pretty quickly figure out if the offer is more “sexual” and geared to a male clientèle with deep pockets or if it is a more comprehensive, trust-worthy offer that goes beyond erotic services.

Now I am curious. How do I incorporate Tantra into my relationship?
It is important that you set aside time to slowly explore and discover. It is always important to remain in communication and contact with your partner so that they don’t become afraid of losing you only because you want to expand your experiences in a passionate way. A good tantra masseuse is then always by your side to advise you. When this is possible then a wonderfully light attraction occurs which allows the energy between partners to flow more and more powerfully and with greater ease.

Dear Gönna, thank you for your really interesting insight.

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