Dr. Axel-Jürg Potempa, urologist, sex researcher and author from Munich explains the typical male tactics of delay, reservations and fears when it comes to their own health.

Men usually are aware that it is smart to make an annual visit to the doctor for a check-up. In my practice, however, it is usually the case that this only occurs in case of an acute incident. It seems to be much more important that the car get an annual check-up or that it passes inspection every two years. This kind of man is a lone Indian who solves his problems on his own rather than seek outside help. And if it does ache or twinge somewhere then it’s better to discuss it around the camp fire with his tribal brothers. Okay, admittedly more than likely we are talking about his local drinking buddies at the pub. There he can get much more qualified help than with a “medicine man”.
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