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Which secret desires are you allowed to tell your partner? What sex taboos are better left unsaid? How is sex generally handled by the media? Especially in the internet now, loads of articles can be found on the topic of openness and sex. But talking, writing or just reading about it is one thing – but what is it really like when we go deep into ourselves and look more closely at our sex lives?
How open are we when it comes to sharing our own wishes?

A recent survey commissioned by FUN FACTORY revealed just how much Germans felt shame. 25% of women and 22% of men generally don’t like to talk about sex because it is too intimate. And if there is any discussion it remains between partners – ever third woman and every third man only talks to a partner about sexuality.

Yet even the most intimate confidante isn’t let in on every desire. 15% of women and 20% of men don’t even trust themselves to openly discuss desires with their partners. Those who have tried it know it doesn’t hurt to express wishes. On the contrary – intimate conversation often bring partners closer together.
Plus during sex you are more likely to get what you want because your partner has been informed of your desires. More room for experimenting is created and sexual desires between partners are often similar. So let the journey of discovery begin. Those surveyed realized “Sex Plus” can be good for them – because 21% of women and 27% of men would like to handle the topic more openly, but are afraid of receiving negative feedback. Particularly the younger age group felt these worries, but luckily this trend wanes as those surveyed got older. In particular, older age groups spoke more naturally about sexuality.

For those who don’t want to wait so long – because life is definitely too short and sex simply too lovely – and want to inject a little magic into their sex life should take courage from the positive experiences others have made. Because every third person admits that an open approach to sex in a relationship is a real boost.

I am full on LOVE, …
… because it is simply wonderful to rediscover yourself and others every day..

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