28. Oktober 2014 Tanja


There are always lots of reasons you can come up with not to exercise. No time, don’t have the right clothes, your best friend just came over, or your favorite film is on TV for the umpteenth time. Hand on heart – who hasn’t heard these excuses? Plus the question “Isn’t there any other way to stay in shape?”

While looking for a good alternative to combine sports, fitness and fun, we came up with sex. Because you can certainly look at sex as sporty. We don’t mean acrobatic contortions or extreme sports, just a few simple facts.

Basically the wilder and longer-lasting the sex, the more calories you burn. The reason is logical – more strain is placed on the muscles, and the body really starts to sweat. An hour of lovemaking burns just as many calories as 40 minutes of jogging. According to research, our body uses up about 550 calories for 30 minutes of sex. This means – an extensive, passionate afternoon delight gets rid of a big hamburger or a chocolate bar. Who would have thought?

Sports like yoga or gymnastics can’t keep up. During light movements, 200 to 300 calories are burned every hour – depending on the intensity. Sport and sex then have a few things in common. The more intense, the higher the number of calories burned! The sex workout is even more effective when the foreplay lasts nice and long. Even intense, long kissing has a positive effective on calorie counters. We use up 15 calories a minute with a passionate kiss. 40 muscles are being used! Okay, admittedly you have to kiss a looong time to kiss away that bag of chips – but it’s a lot more fun than jogging!

Our motto: Sex is the best exercise in the work, so clearly much more than just something you do on the side.

I am full on LOVE, …
… because it is simply wonderful to rediscover yourself and others every day..

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