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“Honey, I can’t tonight. I’ve got a headache.” No question about it, headaches and migraines can really kill any desire for an erotic intermezzo. Yet instead of heading for the medicine cabinet – which comes with side effects – the sufferer should try out something else.
Sex is an effective pain killer. It can replace pain medicine, and even be better. Plus, it adds lots of fun and doesn’t have any negative side effects. This is true not only of sex in pairs, but also alone or even just as a fantasy.

Sexual arousal and an orgasm release many endorphins, for example the so-called beta endorphins that have a morphine like effect, making them a very effective pain relief. These are produced more frequently in people who are in a steady relationship than those who just have a one-night stand.
Serotonin is then released during an orgasm. It acts like a happy hormone against the pain. Dopamine is important because it makes you euphoric and thereby alleviates pain. Noradrenaline, released when one is in love, alleviates pain, also has a euphoric effect and gets rid of hunger and fatigue.
Oxytocin is also released during an orgasm. It is a hormone which promotes stability, leading to satisfaction and thereby also reduces pain. The switch point between brain and hormones is the hypothalamus.

A study at John Hopkins University in Baltimore established that even sexual fantasies can have a positive effect. The psychologist Hamid Hekman discovered that sexual fantasies can even be used at the dentist to act against pain. The more your imagination goes into detail the more effective it is.
With couples sex the effect is even stronger because it includes human closeness and contact. So, for example, even more endorphin is produced. Touching alone can have a therapeutic effect and alleviate pain.

A Yale University study has shown that sex helps during period pain. Also, it can work miracles on migraines, and the same goes for all other kinds of pain.
Plus, sex boosts a joy of life and the feeling of understanding your own body better and being in harmony with yourself. It also has a positive effect on pain. Anytime, you are occupied with a pleasant topic, then the fixation on pain falls away.
So when a headache plagues you the next time, maybe head for your body’s medicine cabinet and whisk away the pain with desire and passion…

I am full on LOVE, …
… because, sexuality is beautiful, fulfilling, healthy and relaxing when we truly enjoy it and through shame aside
Dr. Verena Breitenbach

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