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Are you still sticking to your New Year’s resolutions?
After unhindered pleasure over the Christmas season, now comes the hard, joyless discipline with the intention of getting your body back into shape by bikini season. Why not turn it all on its head – how aboutregular training full of joy followed by unbridled pleasure? Because you not only have to train your six-pack. A well-trained pelvic muscle in a woman actively protects against physical ailments like incontinence or a prolapsed uterus AND means climaxing after the training brings more sensitivity and more fun during sex.

The SMARTBALLS from FUN FACTORY are the best mobile fitness tools, according to our expert Dr. Verena Breitenbach, “The pelvic floor muscle is the weak spot for women. Yet, unfortunately compared to other muscles it’s almost never worked on. Most women don’t even know where it is and can’t consciously contract it. With the SMARTBALLS women can both effectively strengthen their pelvic muscles and boost sensitivity during sex.“

So start working on the pelvis. The vaginal balls are easy to insert, pleasant to wear and easy to clean. Our training plan is as follows. Insert the balls – as you would a tampon – in the vagina. The vibrations from the inner balls release a sensation in the pelvic musculature that tells the muscles they have to hold on to something. The muscles then react reflexively with contractions. The workout occurs automatically. Just simple everyday movements suffice to get the inner balls rotating. Whether it be walking or going up the stairs, the SMARTBALLS go into motion releasing gentle to intense vibrations.

To achieve an optimal muscle strengthening the balls should be used regularly. At the start a short wearing period is recommended – ca. 15- 20 minutes two times a week. Because if you are too ambitious with the workout right from the start, you may have muscle aches. It’s better to increase the time-length of use little by little. The SMARTBALL UNO, with its one ball, is suitable for beginners and women with a prolapsed uterus or who have had their uterus removed. All other women can double the “weight“ by starting with SMALLBALLS DUO or work up to it.
By the way – you can feel the effects of the pelvic floor muscle training just after a short time, and in addition to the health benefits, SHE will be happy about a more intense sexual feeling. Plus, the stronger pelvic musculature can wrap around HIM more tightly and with more control. When SHE takes care of her pelvic floor muscles, it promises heights of pleasure for HER and HIM! You can’t say that about all resolutions!

I am full on LOVE, …
… because there is nothing as crazy as love and sexuality – out of this world honest, real, exciting and indispensable.

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