11. Dezember 2014 Tanja


Who would have thought? The best sideline activity is not only fun, but it’s also really healthy. Firstly, sex is all about movement and so it’s very much like exercise. Plus, the shared tête-à-tête before and after is also a real stress killer.

In a recent on-line survey by FUN FACTORY, 49 percent of women and even 62 percent of men in Germany agreed that sex was important because it alleviated stress and helped them relax from the day to day grind. Moreover, they feel more fit and lively afterwards.

Yet what’s behind this result? What give us the feeling that sex helps us feel calmer? Many factors play a role. From a biological viewpoint, during orgasm endorphines are released which make us happy and even ward off bad moods. Plus, circulation is activated and trains the muscles. So this act of pleasure also leads to better conditioning.

Yet, we shouldn’t forget the emotional side effects. Good sex – according to 77 percent of those married or living in a partnership – is an expression of love, trust and closeness. Also 70 percent of surveyed singles agree. 55 percent of couples and 47 percent of singles are even convinced that their self-confidence is boosted by sex. These factors, of course, influence our inner serenity, strengthen us and make it easier for us to cope with daily adversities.
Good sex also works against insomnia. Someone who is often challenged during the day has a hard time turning off at night. It’s hard for many of us to fall asleep. Once our body is brought to climax during sex, afterward a deep phase of relaxation follows. Particularly men are often very tired after sex – something one or two of you women are probably familiar with.

It’s worth it then after a long day of work not to collapse in front of the TV – but rather whether or alone or with a partner – to pull yourself together. A round of lovemaking not only has a positive effect on your own body and pysche, but also is good for the relationship. Three lovely things – what else could you want?

I am full on LOVE, …
… because it is simply wonderful to rediscover yourself and others every day..

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