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At some point every relationship no matter how wild, full of fantasy and passion it began reaches the point where it feels almost too comfortable, maybe even boring. Spending time with your partner becomes less of a highlight and is in danger of becoming more of a habit. The everyday ho-hum scatters the butterflies in stomach euphoria and after a long day in the office often the couch is more tempting than an amorous tete-a-tete.
If you ask for advice from friends and acquaintances often you hear that it’s normal in the course of a relationship. You just have to accept it. Dependable intimacy and wild passion just don’t coexist.
Far from it! The challenge is not so much to chat with your friends about your discontent in bed, but to speak honestly with your partner about it.
More than likely he or she is feeling the same way. Usually, taking time out for each other as you did at the start of the relationship to talk about needs, sharing fantasies and getting your imagination going is then already half the battle.
Sexy accessories that don’t cost that much can bring some thrills back into your love life. A scarf to blindfold and for gentle bondage should be found in every household. To literally be in the dark during love games and hand over the controls belongs to one of the most exciting kinds of play and which draws on the trust found in longer relationships. Feathers to tickle, the warm oil from a massage candle, a smack with the palm of your hand or a whip also boosts desire.
Sales trends indicate that in the last year many pairs take it even a step further. Role play and so called pegging during which SHE pleasures HIM with TOY have never been more in demand. Be the passive one for once and enjoy HER stroking means for the partner, who is usually dominant, a huge gain in passion  – and it’s another example of a game that is best with a trusted person.

I am full on LOVE,…
… because a confident, self-determined and natural approach to sexuality is good for everyone.

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