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Dr. Axel-Jürg Potempa, urologist, sex researcher and author from Munich explains the typical male tactics of delay, reservations and fears when it comes to their own health.

Men usually are aware that it is smart to make an annual visit to the doctor for a check-up. In my practice, however, it is usually the case that this only occurs in case of an acute incident. It seems to be much more important that the car get an annual check-up or that it passes inspection every two years. This kind of man is a lone Indian who solves his problems on his own rather than seek outside help. And if it does ache or twinge somewhere then it’s better to discuss it around the camp fire with his tribal brothers. Okay, admittedly more than likely we are talking about his local drinking buddies at the pub. There he can get much more qualified help than with a “medicine man”.

Yet after so many beers or fizzy drinks eventually a man starts to think it over after all. And he remembers the friend from the sauna who suddenly didn’t come any more because he had to go to hospital? This is the point when all the levees break and neighbors and acquaintances suddenly become comrades shaken up by destiny who became incontinent after an operation or even impotent. What happened? Doesn’t nature have any respect for the male as perfect being? Or is he vulnerable after all?

All of a sudden the man is hit with a feeling that it could somehow befall him as well although nothing really hurts him.
“Have you been to the urologist?” Once this question crosses a man’s lips for the first time he often finds himself then in the role of the supplicant. “Is there really something that actually exceeds the knowledge and possibilities of your highly-esteemed doctor?”
In conversations with general practice doctors or during a lecture tour, I always notice how much the conversations with urologists vary from those with colleagues from other disciplines. Urologists like to describe themselves as men’s doctors, which is a shame because our female patients are the spice of life and should not be missing from any doctor’s office. Yet, it presents itself as an easy counterpart to the gynecologist to try and convince men that they too have to go to regular check-ups. It’s too bad that men don’t try to follow the clever example of their women.

The desire to go to the doctor changes radically when the penis no longer becomes erect or he has lost control of his ejaculation. Now he really has to be sick because in spite of all his efforts it won’t get better. After a moment of fear, it is clear to him that he needs help, outside help, and even worse…he needs help from an urologist!

After hesitantly making an appointment (“Hopefully the receptionist doesn’t ask any questions on the phone…!”), then he is in the doctor’s clutches who wants to know everything about him, things he wouldn’t even dare to ask himself.
And then suddenly a visit to the doctor feels right, almost a relief. Finally he can speak freely and about all those things he couldn’t really to talk to about with his mates or eternal “tribal brothers”. Most erection problems start in the head.

The cancer screening is then done too – which contrary to the rumors does not hurt at all. But the best part is he received a therapy for his male problems and now he not only has something to tell his mates in full confidence but can also stand before his lover again as a complete man. Finally, he can admit to himself that it was a good feeling that he can take the wheels for a spin again after an inspection. And it is unbeatable that a man has the security of good health to enjoy a long night of really great, satisfying sex.

He shouldn’t stand in his own way, because in contrast to common opinion the man is very much a multi-tasker and can simultaneously be the cause of many problems.

I am full on LOVE, …
…because also men get the greatest benefits from the right mix of deeply-felt love and fantasy-filled sex, a reward from the often sobering demands presented to men every day.
Dr. Axel-Jürg Potempa

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