13. August 2014 Tanja


Sich fallenlassen und vom Alltag abschalten sit auch für eine erfüllte Sexualität einmalig wertvoll. full on LOVE

Letting go – this is something particularly for (us) women that is difficult to manage. We’d rather settle for just half the pleasure – only a piece of the pie – to maintain control over ourselves and our environment, rather then let ourselves go head over heels. Particularly when it comes to sex we are so often so caught up that we stand in the our own way. Only one in three women regularly has an orgasm during sex. Yet what is do difficult about taking the reins and going full speed ahead?
Stress, the fear of losing control or fear of intimacy could be reasons why our psyche is blocked and an orgasm remains unattainable.

Yet also society’s depiction of female desire is a bit outmoded and not nearly as accepted as a man’s desire. So often during sex and especially during solo sex frequently an unpleasant feeling of shame arises. According to a study on the brain, certain parts of our brain are responsible for this feeling and influence our moral and social behavior. One American study says that 60 percent of women has faked orgasm.
Even if you can ignore the moral and societal pictures, we still put ourselves under pressure. Yet it is so important to get to know your body body step by step either alone or with your partner, to love it as it is (no one is perfect) and to get rid of thoughts like “My partner probably doesn’t find that exciting“ or “Does he see the cellulite on my butt?“. Every person is different and that’s what it is so important to talk about it, to experiment and (also in longer partnerships) to always discover new likes. Performance pressure and stress just don’t belong in bed!

I am full on LOVE,…
.… because it is simply wonderful to discover yourself and others every day.

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