… experience change positively and with open eyes!

For many pairs sex during pregnancy is an important topic. A woman’s changing body plus her changing reaction to sex during and after the pregnancy often makes it a difficult time for many couples.

Many expecting parents are afraid they will hurt the unborn child or the woman, or even cause early contractions. And after pregnancy many parents don’t really know what is allowed or when what position is possible.

Plus for many women, desire takes a back seat and they don’t know how to deal with their body’s changes. After pregnancy, women need to re-learn and re-discover their passion, and get in touch with their bodies to feel desirable again and tap into their eroticism – they learn to be both a mother and a woman.



Introducing our expert

Since 2012 Isabel Tegge is a midwife with the Bremen midwives association. The desire to help and care for women and couples during pregnancy and after childbirth took root in Isabel Tegge at the early age of 16, when she did an internship at a mid-wives clinic. After her training in Hamburg, the Bremen mid-wife focused on the areas of pre-natal care and one-on-one care during birth and post-natal care of mothers and children.







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