You want more full on LOVE ?
Together with our experts, we have put together a number of interesting reading tips and websites. Have fun reading, clicking, and discovering!

Selected books and literature tips:
• “Clitoral Truth, The Secret World at Your Fingertips” by Rebecca Chalker
For hundreds of years the clitoris was completely ignored, underestimated, misunderstood and remained completely undiscovered. The internationally renowned sex expert Rebecca Chalker has devoted herself in her book “The Clitoral Truth” to the female anatomy and its sexual proclivities. Peppered with personal anecdotes and easy-to-understand illustrations, this book helps women and their partners to understand their sex lives and deepen and discover their sexual possibilities.

• “Women’s Anatomy of Arousal” by Sheri Winston
Many women – but also medical professionals – are unfamiliar with the closely connected structures that are responsible for arousal and orgasms in women. It’s more than the G-spot. With a mix of wisdom, knowledge, fun and modern sexuality, the sex expert Sheri Winston locates in a kind of travel guide fashion the secret path to fabulous orgasm-rich sex.

• “The Psychology of Sexual Passion” by David Schnarch
David Schnarch shows how love partnerships lead to a closer examination of the self. This book is intended to teach you how to show your feelings to your partner and to remain true to yourself in intimacy, which can be a challenge and often difficult and painful to fulfill. Intimacy and a close connection are, according to Schnarch, only possible when the partner’s autonomy remains intact. Only then does the possibility of sexually loaded and lively partnership arise.

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