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Erotik im Alltag

Supposedly,  men think about sex every seven seconds. This preconception has remained fixed in minds around the world. No one really knows where this number comes from, but it would mean 8,000 thoughts about sex in an average day with 8 hours sleep! And that really sounds more like a curse than a blessing…
Countless medical studies have tried to track down this myth in recent years and they are all in agreement – it’s wrong!
A study at the University of  Ohio from 2011* revealed an average of 19 thoughts about sex in 16 waking hours in male participants. Women got lost in thought with an average of 10 times, so only half as many erotic fantasies. Or at least they admitted half as much.
However, only conscious erotic thoughts are counted. How often our brain subconsciously reacts to sexual stimulation is a question still unanswered.

Yet why shouldn’t one sweeten up a gray day with thrilling thoughts? A loving thought about your partner, a little flirt with a colleague, an erotic shiver from fleeting eye contact with a stranger in the train or the décolleté of the waitress in your favorite café. The pleasant butterflies in your stomach when thoughts just wander down a sensuous path for no reason at all. Does that mean you are becoming an uncontrolled lust freak? Hardly!

Nothing new, but still a wonderful realization – new love or a wild night of lovemaking gives you wings. Even when you have to return to your work day and your partner is long gone physically – it still goes through your mind, these thoughts. The scent, soft skin, the twinkling eye and breathtaking touches don’t want to and shouldn’t just disappear. This way you can float on cloud nine through the day. Admittedly, your work hours are perhaps not very productive, but at least uniquely lovely.

Here we are talking about an extreme case of rose-tinted glasses which you, especially at work, shouldn’t always dare to wear. But the soaring feelings that these films in your head can release should be enjoyed. Just fully experience a little flirt or a compliment instead of blowing it off as silly. Don’t brush away a sensual thought as dirty, but roll with it. The natural need for sex will reward head and body in no time with a thrilling rush of hormones.

A partnership can also profit from everyday eroticism. Why keep sexual fantasies to yourself? A little message – “Thinking of you and have an exciting idea for tonight…” or a chat in the evening can deliver those thrilling moments and even transform one or two fantasies into reality.

And now reality is lifting you off!


Ich bin full on LOVE, …
…. because a self-confident, self-determining and natural approach to sexuality is good for everyone.

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