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To be filled with happiness and love, butterflies in your stomach, to smell heavenly and then it works so incredibly well in bed. Sounds perfect and very desirable. In reality, however, many relationships look a bit different. full on LOVE expert Yella Cremer tells people in her workshops how to boost your own well-being and achieve a better and new self-confidence – for themselves and in a relationship.
“Many people aren’t aware that they don’t know as much about sex as they wish. A down-swing in your sex life doesn’t have to lead to a crisis. Good sex can be learned,” says the Berlin sexpert.

“Sexuality is a treasure chest that just needs to be found. Yet sexual fulfillment is not the same for everyone. Sexuality has many different faces and aspects. Not everyone has to like and want to try out everything. Throughout your life sexuality changes, meaning some aspects become more important while others take a back seat!“

A key requirement for fullfilling sex is definitely knowing what you like. It’s difficult for a partner to figure out what gets someone else hot or how intense contact can be without getting feedback from the partner. A pleasurable approach to sexuality always begins with you. Especially women who have never had an orgasm should try to discover their body and get to know themselves better. Because only those who know their body and needs well have a chance to be more open and intense with their partner and experience sexuality without any inhibitions.

First off – pornos are not exactly a perfect model for sexual interaction in a relationship. Often in pornos a long-lasting stamina is promoted. Yet there are so many alternative ways of pleasuring and enjoying sex that are much more important. Sexuality is more than intercourse and this knowledge will make both partners truly satisfied and happy in their love lives – plus it will make an orgasm an even more enjoyable and intense partner moment. How often you have sex, or how long it lasts really is secondary.

What people describe as good sex varies greatly. Sex in all its shapes and forms is natural. So everything is allowed that is fun and when your partner is a willing accomplice.

Read more in the next article from our full on LOVE expert Yella Cremer!

I am full on LOVE, …
… because for me it is a matter close to my heart to make sexuality more acceptable in a way that is both beautiful and informative.
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