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The understanding of the G-spot is wrapped in the myth that it is a special spot in the woman’s body which can release the highest ecstasy. You can read about the existence of the g-spot elsewhere on this site. But how exactly can it deliver ecstasy?
Here, as anywhere, practice makes perfect, and it’s a good idea to set aside some time and not expect to get the g-spot all hot and excited the first time around.
I recommend for starters to simply quietly explore the g-spot and with an open mind look for it, observe how it feels to touch it different ways. It’s good at first to put all expectations aside and simply be open for something new. Just see it as kind of expedition to explore the g-spot massage. It can be passionate, but doesn’t have to be right away – maybe at first it is very relaxing and pleasant in a way. When you set side a time for G-spot massage, make it clear that you’d like to take time for feedback on what feels good and what doesn’t feel as good.

You need a quiet place for a G-spot massage. Get comfortable and make sure it is warm enough. Lubricant is a good aid. The recipient of the g-massage should lie on their back and the massager should sit between her legs. The recipient should go to the bathroom beforehand. This not only helps to relax, but is especially important when it comes to g-spot stimulation – but more on that later.
To relax the recipient try stroking all over her body with a light pressure. A woman is more than her g-spot! To “greet” the vagina you can lay your hand flat on the vulva and leave it there a moment, perhaps stroking the labia and play with them a little bit. Then when you have a clear “OK” signal from the recipient, penetrate the vagina with your fingers.

First feel around for the G-spot. It is found about 3-5 cm inside the vagina toward the stomach and on the upper side of the vaginal canal. You can recognize it by a slightly different skin structure. Many say it feels like a walnut, because the skin is a bit rougher or rippled.

If the woman isn’t aroused yet, it is often because with the first contact she doesn’t feel anything or only feels a slight need to urinate. The pressure is directly on the urethra which is near the G-spot and signalizes the bladder is full. Generally you can ignore this signal, but if it is a really strong sensation, by all means allow HER to go to the bathroom one more time.
Now I will explain a few techniques which can inspire you to discover the g-spot. Important are – attentiveness, contact with your partner and being relaxed – these three things are more important than any technique. Try out different approaches and vary the amount of pressure and tempo.
While exploring, you can feel that the G-spot is not a spot but an area that has a left and right side. When aroused the tissue around the G-spot fills with blood (just like a man’s penis or the area around the prostate). The G-spot then bulges forward and it is considerably easier to feel, it is  not so small and is often then more receptive to stimulation.

Try out circular motions with the index and middle fingers. Massage with a more pressure and then lighter pressure. Vary the tempo.


Make “come here” motions with your fingers in the vagina and stimulate the g-spot at the front, middle and back.


Another technique that a lot of women like is the “sandwich.” This stimulates the g-spot from inside combined with the gentle pressure from the hand on the pubic bone.

Wishing you lots of fun with a passionate G-spot massage,
Yella Cremer


I am full on LOVE,…
… because it is my greatest wish that everyone can have good sex!
Yella Cremer

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