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There is no other series of novels in the last several years that has garnered so much attention as Fifty Shades of Grey. Above all the main male character Christian Grey. Not only does the protagonist Anastasia Steele fall for the charms of this young, attractive, successful businessman, but also all the readers around the world, who have also become instantly fascinated by his self-confident, yet almost aloof manner and his penetrating grey eyes.
Yet what really makes this man so darned attractive?

He shares the most obvious characteristics with other fictional characters – Christian Grey simply looks unashamedly good, is fit and perfectly dressed. Plus, he is amazingly successful, built his own business empire and exudes a disarming self-confidence. Nothing new there – it remains that success just makes men really sexy!

But let’s be honest, ladies. The character Christian Grey has spellbound his playmate and readers for another completely different reason. The fact that women can completely let themselves go with him – and because of his completely dominant manner, have to. Christian Grey is a real bad boy, who triggers a vexing desire to try his wicked games. He knows exactly what he wants and how to get it. He demands total submission for his partner and assumes with his decisiveness that he will carry out his domination fantasies. The shy Anastasia comes into contact for the first time in her life with wild, uninhibited desires, bondage games, whipping and anal passion. Once she has fallen for Christian’s charms, time and gain Anastasia finds herself bound to the bed and blindfolded and gives in to his dominance…a demeaning yet at the same time thrilling idea that allows readers‘ own fantasies to take flight.

Does Christian Grey perhaps represent the secret wishes of an entire generation? Is it a sign of the times that an alternative is sought to humdrum everyday sex practices in soft BDSM ( Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism)? Does the appeal of the book series Fifty Shades of Grey also lead to more fun in experimentation in one’s own relationship?
For some this reading material simply leads to a passionate escape from the daily routine for a few hours – for others it will certainly be an inspiration for little adventures.

One thing is certain – anyone who can’t really begin to deal with dominance and submission in the bedroom should still dare in bed to give up a little bit of control and in this way give themselves over to their partner completely. The partner’s increased attention, holding back and going into and listening to your own body intensifies love games even when one doesn’t like to completely physically submit to the partner.
Plus, a partnership should be able to withstand talking openly about new temptations. And it is certainly worthwhile exploring one’s own dark sides and seek inspiration from them. Investigating new aspects of sexual desire helps to boost erotic excitement.

So whoever dreams of a hot night with Mr. Grey or with his or her own partner can open the door to the hidden side of passion with the exciting accessories found in the PASSIONATE SHADOWS BOX.
So your next session of lovegames is certain to be straight from a thilling novel – the next sequel please!

I am full on LOVE, …
… because it is simply wonderful to rediscover yourself and others every day..

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