…can have good sex.

Women often find it hard to articulate their needs and talk about, for example, their difficulties with climaxing, and/or lack of sex drive. An open dialogue with a partner or doctor is often a chance to learn or re-discover sexuality or your own femininity. The need for a well-balanced sex life and good body image confidence is natural and should be a part of life like eating and drinking. Sexuality is often closely connected with self-love and your relationship with yourself and other people. So it’s all the more important to block out demeaning or skewed expectations. Everyone can have good sex – just like everyone is sexy and attractive in her own way.



Introducing our expert 

Dr. Verena Breitenbach is a doctor of gynecology and obstetrics, an media expert on health issues, a moderator, and author of several books. She has her own practice in Ulm with a focus on holistic medicine, natural healing methods, psychosomatics, and sexuality.


Three questions for our expert:

What do you like so much about full on LOVE?
The ability to help people live out their love lives and sexuality with more fulfillment and intensity.

Your tips for full on LOVE every day?
Stand by your own needs, share them with your partner and be accepting of them.

How does one feel when full on LOVE?
You are happier, more satisfied – especially healthier. Something that is very important to my patients as they go about their everyday lives.

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