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Around half the people in Germany wish they were more fulfilled in their relationship. Many pairs – particularly those in a long relationship – in Germany fight against boredom in bed and a loss of physical and also emotional closeness. Instead of pure passion between the sheets, playful moments and hot nights…it’s the same old routine, dull everydayness and humdrum habits.
Often wishes and preferences change or have long been forgotten or even never really known. Often partners have settled for the way things are. It is difficult after so many years to discuss desires and thereby give your partner the feeling that it hasn’t been that good.

Before boredom or frustration in bed threatens to turn into a relationship crisis, couples should try and change their sex lives, because good sex can be learned. More on this from LOVE expert Yella Cremer in her next MAGAZIN article.

Talk, talk, talk.

Yet with a few simple rules you can easily bring a breath of fresh air to your love nest. You don’t necessarily have to learn new acrobatic moves for the bedroom or peruse the standard classics of erotic literature. Those who want to strengthen their connection within a relationship just need to remember a few basics…
Communication is the basis for a functioning relationship. This also applies to the love life. Ultimately, we all know that we strengthen our connection through communication….
The best place for talking about your love life is a neutral ground where you can talk without being disturbed. If you put some thought into it beforehand and then agree that each of you take down some notes to read out loud to each other, then you can be sure that you will be able to address specific sexual desires, preferences and whatever you want to try out…
When you can stick to expressing your desires without accusing your partner it will be easier, and avoids conflict. Who doesn’t want to be a great or better lover and give his or her partner unforgettable climaxes in bed? This shared trust and closeness is a good basis.
It requires a little bit of courage to express your sexual desires but it’s worth it. It is certain that both partners will discover new sides of each other when they have this kind of talk. And that is just the point – to find your partner alluring again. Erotic pure. When both partners are willing to try out something new it spices up your sex life. When everything has been discussed, then establish just exactly what you would like to try out next time.

Keep in touch

And when the time has come – don’t let yourself be distracted. Enjoy the here and now and the physical intimacy, looking into each other’s eyes and considering each other with love. Anyone who waits until his or her partner does the right thing is on the wrong track. Going on a journey of discovery, getting pro-active, getting your imagination to heat up and let desire take over


I am full on LOVE, …
… because for me it’s a labor of love to make sex socially acceptable in a beautiful and informative way.

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