After her studies at the University of Bremen, tantra masseuse Anna Gönna Pezely worked in many projects she organized for children and young adults, including the Girls‘ House in Bremen. During this time, giving massages was a favorite hobby. In May 2000, she founded the Namyo Massage practice in Bremen. Since 2013, she organizes trips focusing on massages to places ranging from Greenland to Morocco.

Gönna, you have been studying massage techniques for years. What exactly do you offer in your massage practice?
I specialized in tantra massage rituals for women, men and couples, and also offer TAO massage training for couples.

What exactly is tantra? What kinds of varieties are there?
Tantra is originally a traditional Buddhist teaching and practice. It is still practiced today in local cloisters by monks and nuns as part of meditation and mental training.
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The school mattress is pleasantly soft and the topic in the classroom sounds pretty harmless, “Let’s keep in touch.“ During class, love teacher Pamela Behnke wears nothing more than a lunghi, a Burmese wrap. Working for the Zinnoberschule in Munich, she helps couples to “rediscover each other” and to “pay attention to their desire or lack thereof”. At the beginning of this class, she talks about the secret of “unplanned sensuous touching.”
It feels good because during sex it’s usually all about intentions and goals. Behnke teaches partners breathing techniques, gentle glances and, also in the genital area, strokes that are new and promising. And she’s not the only one.
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The understanding of the G-spot is wrapped in the myth that it is a special spot in the woman’s body which can release the highest ecstasy. You can read about the existence of the g-spot elsewhere on this site. But how exactly can it deliver ecstasy?
Here, as anywhere, practice makes perfect, and it’s a good idea to set aside some time and not expect to get the g-spot all hot and excited the first time around.
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Dr. Axel-Jürg Potempa, urologist, sex researcher and author from Munich explains the typical male tactics of delay, reservations and fears when it comes to their own health.

Men usually are aware that it is smart to make an annual visit to the doctor for a check-up. In my practice, however, it is usually the case that this only occurs in case of an acute incident. It seems to be much more important that the car get an annual check-up or that it passes inspection every two years. This kind of man is a lone Indian who solves his problems on his own rather than seek outside help. And if it does ache or twinge somewhere then it’s better to discuss it around the camp fire with his tribal brothers. Okay, admittedly more than likely we are talking about his local drinking buddies at the pub. There he can get much more qualified help than with a “medicine man”.
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Dr. Axel-Jürg Potempa, urologist from Munich on the importance of health check-ups – also for men.

Although Germans are living longer, men with an average of 78 years still have a considerably shorter life expectancy than women, who on average live to be 83. Women live a whole five years longer. Yet the lifestyles of women and men are becoming increasingly the same – both sexes generally work full-time and benefit from the advances in medicine. So why is there such a discrepancy in average life expectancies?
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Sex im besten Alter für ein natürliches Wohlbefinden

Silver-Ager, Best-Ager, Generation 50+ – there are many names for people in the second half of their lives. Some are still working, others are maybe enjoying an early retirement. Many things are associated with the golden years – a certain staidness, security and grandchildren. At least that’s the image the media projects. Pictures of older people exuding joy, or an erotic, passionate sexuality and interest in experimentation between the sheets are definitely less frequent.
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Yella Cremer - Expertin und full on LOVE Expertin

Whether or not there really is a G-spot has been discussed a lot in the media. So it’s high time to address all the rumors and myths. In medical terms, the answer is clear – the G-SPOT is the female prostate. A principle known as “Homology” is applied here – meaning in male and female bodies there is an equivalent of the other’s sex organs. Although the organs look different and function differently, there is no organ that doesn’t have a counterpart in the other sex’s body.
Because there are only a limited number of organs to choose from, the only possibility for the male prostate is the G-spot. The reason for any misunderstandings probably arises from simply asking the wrong question. Anyone looking for a spot inside the vagina will not find the G-spot.
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full on LOVE Expertin Verena Breitenbach

“Honey, I can’t tonight. I’ve got a headache.” No question about it, headaches and migraines can really kill any desire for an erotic intermezzo. Yet instead of heading for the medicine cabinet – which comes with side effects – the sufferer should try out something else.
Sex is an effective pain killer. It can replace pain medicine, and even be better. Plus, it adds lots of fun and doesn’t have any negative side effects. This is true not only of sex in pairs, but also alone or even just as a fantasy.
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Sexpertin und full on LOVE-Experin Yella Cremer

There are many people who don’t have good sex as often as they would like. In most long-term relationships sex becomes rarer and isn’t as good as it was in the beginning. It’s too bad that so many people just go along with it.
But why? Many people don’t know that good sex can also be learned. They hope for those feelings which arose at the start of the relationship, those often closely linked with spontaneity and hormonal fireworks. Science has taught us that being in love is an exceptional state of being! This state naturally comes to an end, and we love what follows – trust, closeness, knowing each other intimately and planning your lives together or at least a part of it.
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