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There are certain people who fill every room they enter with their presence. Some call it charisma, some simply self-confidence and those who are jealous call it arrogance. Sometimes, at first glance, these certain people aren’t even all that pretty. A slight imperfection like a crooked nose, a gap in their teeth or a very curvy figure all pale in the light of their engaging presence. It’s almost as if these people glow from the inside out, and one has to ask, “How do they do it?“

It is their calm, and composure and serenity which makes them so uniquely attractive. With little gestures and their openness they exude a sense – at least in that moment – of being completely in harmony with themselves, their values and feelings. It is just this glow and secret that everyone wants to be included in or at least bask in for a moment.

So what is the big secret? We all know it! Is it really just an accident that in those periods when you are totally in love you start to get lots of compliments and flirtatious looks? After a successful day of work, doesn’t your partner often find you irresistible? And that knowing look from co-workers when you come in the office  walking on air the next morning after a wild romantic night?
In such moments, it seems that this special glow only seems to adhere to other people! Yet everyone has the potential – it is just finding the trick to make this effect last longer!

It’s important to recognize that this intensely felt glow really does only come from deep in oneself. No money in the world, no jewels or designer fashion can compare to what this special glow can so. To accept your own body with imperfections and to discover it anew. To feel what’s good for you without being unsettled by anything or anyone in your immediate surroundings.
To be natural and honest with yourself, your own sexuality, as well as with your partner and environment – that is the path to enlightenment, and maybe even to keeping the fire inside burning brightly, ready for the next new pleasure.

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